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Thank you for your interest in our Hug Life Sessions! 

To learn more about The Hug Life movement, go here.

These cozy gatherings offer a space where like-minded individuals can come together, shed their inhibitions, and take off on their journey of self-discovery. Some sessions are platonic touch, and some sessions are sensual touch and all sessions include Grown Folks Conversation


In all of our sessions, we explore the healing power of touch and practice the art of setting our personal boundaries:

The power of "No".

Identifying and giving an authentic "Fu*k Yes".


Some sessions are workshops and some sessions are fun gatherings where we come together for adult conversation and making connections. 

Cuddles, Conversations & Connections: We will converse on the topic of the month, connect, play games, get to know each other, and receive some much-needed safe and loving PLATONIC touch. Some topics are sex-based and some are relationship-based, join us as we tap into (or learn) skills for emotional intelligence, asking for what we want (in/out of the bedroom), and learn how to have difficult conversations. 

Platonic Pajama Parties: Let's get warm and fuzzy as we gather in this Platonic Touch Workshop! We learn how to tap into our energy, get to know each other, have difficult conversations about rejection, attraction, and acceptance, and receive some much-needed safe and loving, non-sexual touch.


Sacred Sensuality Skills: In this adult workshop we will learn sensual techniques for the bedroom. There will classes on tapping into and increasing your pleasure, oral pleasure, mutual pleasure, orgasmic skills, dirty talk, adding a little kink, and more. Learn how to level up your pleasure and your bedroom skills. 


Ready to expand? 


Fill out the form below and/or register for our next session.


If you're a returning member you may send your RSVP via the Cashapp listed on the flyer for the event you desire to: $thehuglifeatl with your name(s) and which session you're attending, in the for section, ie. PPP, CCC, SSS,.


✨What to wear: wear your favorite PJs Sexy or not, your choice 🥰 You may come in street clothes and change when you arrive.


✨What to bring: Bring a pillow and/or your favorite blanket. The theme/topic for the session will be listed on the flyer, be sure to check it out. Bring an open mind and get ready to tap into your Self.


(As always, we’ll be playing some games, and enjoying food, and we are always 420 friendly!)

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