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Medib8tion Mondays

Tap into your juicy, activate your GPS (Guided Pleasure System), and manifest Your life! 

Free All February!

What is Medib8tion

Are you familiar with the term Medibation? Medibation is a form of meditation that arouses your sensual energy to increase pleasure, heal and manifest (more) goodness in your life.


I first heard the term when I was studying as a Sex Therapist and was learning the work of a renowned Sexologist, Annie Sprinkle.

For February, we are focusing on pleasure, pleasing your Self and others, and being Please-able.


Each week we will dive into ways to tap into your pleasure, heal past hurts and traumas, and build a deeper connection to your sacred space ie.  your body.


Why Medib8tion?

  • Reduces Tension

  • Helps Regulate Emotions

  • Love Your Self  and Your body (More)

  • Heal Past hurts and Trauma

  • Level Up Your Pleasure Skills

  • Attract New Partner(s)

  • And so much more will be discussed during our sessions.


What Do I Need?:

  • We will be using Zoom so please make sure you download the app.

  • Access to a quiet and private space (headphones are optional)

  • A comfortable place where you have access to your yoni, your breasts, your lingam, and/or your chest. (Yes this is going to get real. It's okay, you're going to be glad you came. Pun intended!)

  • Oil or Lube of your choice for comfort

  • If you like to create a vibe in your space, check out one of our Spiritual Toolkits

*NOTE: Sessions will be recorded, but only the Medibation portion so that everyone feels safe to share.


Who all can attend?

  • ANY and EveryONE is welcome to attend Medib8tion Mondays!


How long will it last?

  • Sessions begin on Monday 2/5/24 at 9:15pm EST (We'll talk about why this particular time during the class).

  • These sessions will last about an hour. We will discuss our pleasure and the meditation we're using before we begin, and have a brief Q&A after.

  • Our last session is on 2/26 at 9:15pm EST.

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Sign-up For February Medib8tion Monday Sessions

I'll see you soon!

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