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About Us



We believe everyone deserves access to the beneficial metaphysical healing that come from products like CBD, Crystals and Sage. We encourage healing more than the physical body, aligning wellness to the energy body and creating our tribe of people who are also on the journey to Self.

Fyre & Wata is Black Owned and Women led, Mother/Daughter Duo. We are here to supply the tools and services you need along your healing journey. Stop and say, "Hi!"


Our Story

When I (Qadesh) first began my spiritual journey I didn’t really understand tools like sage, crystals, incense, etc. it was through studying mental health and using “New Age” theories in my private therapy practice, that I started my journey. Basically, my journey began for the study of clients' and my own mental health. I learned to use theories like ACT, CBT, Hatha Yoga, the Law of Attraction, Shadow Work, Laws of the Universe, Energetic Healing Modalities like Reiki, Tantra, Quantum Physics, Gender Dynamics, Feminine Power, and more, to heal from my childhood traumas, manage depression and anxiety, lose 100 pounds and live an Orgasmic Lifestyle, even thru the storms (because, we are always healing, on some level or another).

And THEN! I found herbs. From using herbs to burn when I meditated, for aroma therapy to calm my nerves, smoking to stop my pain, and drinking teas to boost my immune system, or lighten my mood when I was down or depressed. I discovered in my Self, that herbs also help to change the mind without the mind having to be involved. I could even just burn herbs and get the effects like ie. sage and other smudges.

As I began to learn more about the elements, I grew more and more in love with Metaphysics and Metaphysical tools. I began to use energy work to align my chakras and clear my blockages along with my use of techniques that train my mind to do what I want. I by no means am saying I am perfect or have a perfect life, what I am saying is there are tools to help you REALLY heal and renew your mind, your life and your relationships!  These tools are part of my Life System!


Come to Fyre & Wata if you're healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and/or addiction, there are tools for you too!  I invite you to indulge in a session with Qadesh or if you can't come by, shop our online store.


FYRE & WATA is Black Owned and Women-led, we are a mother-daughter team who believes in creating the life we desire. We happened upon a vape shop and turned it into a Metaphysical Wellness Shop, a space where Spiritual Newbies can come to get acclimated and OG's can come to usher them and build our tribe! We are here to supply the tools and services you need along your healing journey. 


We Love You!


Fyre & Wata Metaphysical Wellness

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