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**Join Our Super Blue Moon Meditation - Embrace the Power of the Moonlight!**

🌕✨ Are you ready to dive into the watery energy of a Super Blue Moon in Pisces? Gather with us online or in-person for the Super Blue Moon Meditation and experience a journey like no other! 🌕✨

What's a Blue Moon?
A Blue Moon is a term used to describe the second Full Moon that occurs within a single calendar month. It's a relatively rare event, happening about once every two to three years. The term "Blue Moon" doesn't refer to the moon's color but rather to its infrequent occurrence.

What is a Super Moon?

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit, resulting in a larger and brighter appearance in the night sky. 

**What to Expect:**

🔮 **Guided Meditation:** Immerse yourself in a guided meditation designed to align your energy with the powerful frequencies of the Super Blue Moon. Explore your subconscious depths and unlock hidden insights.

🌊 **Emotional Release:** The Piscean waters are all about releasing what no longer serves us. Through guided meditation, let go of emotional baggage, fears, and self-doubt, creating room for fresh beginnings.

🌟 **Intentions Setting:** Harness the combined energy of Pisces' dreams and Virgo's practicality to set intentions for growth, healing, and manifestation. Craft a roadmap for the upcoming lunar cycle.

 **Soulful Connection:** Engage in heart-centered discussions and connect with a community of seekers who are embracing the magic of this lunar event. Share your experiences, insights, and intentions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to ride the moonlit waves, delve into your soul's depths, and emerge with renewed clarity and purpose. 

Reserve your spot in our Super Blue Moon Meditation and join us for an experience that will light up your journey.

Spots are limited. Secure your spot now and get ready to bask in the moonlight's powerful embrace!

#FullBlueMoonCircle #MoonlitJourney #EmbraceTheMagic

Super Blue Moon in Pisces

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