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MF'n Money Magnet: Money Manifestation Toolkit


It's a "MF'n Money Magnet" Money Manifestation Toolkit, we're about to supercharge our financial abundance! This kit is designed to attract prosperity, abundance, and wealth into your life. If you're ready to manifest that moolah, this toolkit is your golden ticket.


What's Inside:

1. Malachite Crystal: Malachite is a powerful stone for transformation and prosperity. It's like having your personal financial coach, helping you make the right choices and seize opportunities.


2. Money Drawing Oil: This specially crafted oil is your secret weapon. Use it to anoint your money, wallet, or even yourself to amplify your money-drawing vibes.


3. Gold-Plated 1 Billion Dollar Bill: Here's your golden ticket! Keep this as a powerful symbol of abundance. Place it in your wallet, on your desk, or in your money pot as a constant reminder of your money goals.


4. Money Pot Starter Kit: The money pot is a time-tested way to manifest cash. With our starter kit, you'll have everything you need to create your personal money-attracting powerhouse.


5. Green Chime Candle: Green is the color of wealth and growth. Use this candle in your rituals or meditations to enhance your focus on financial abundance.


How to Use "MF'n Money Magnet" Kit:

1. Begin with clear intentions. Visualize the money you want to manifest and why you need it.

2. Place your Malachite Crystal, Money Drawing Oil, and 1 Billion Dollar Bill in your money pot.

3. Light the Green Chime Candle during your manifesting rituals or whenever you need that extra financial boost.

4. Consistently work with the kit, revisiting your intentions and staying open to opportunities.


Ready to attract MF'n Money? Order your MF'n Money Magnet: Money Manifestation Toolkit now and start manifesting the wealth and abundance you deserve. Remember, your financial success is just a few rituals away. Time to manifest that money! 💰💫

MF'N Money Magnet Toolkit

$33.33 Regular Price
$22.22Sale Price
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