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Blissful Blessings love! It’s that time of year again when sadness sets in, have you noticed you’ve been struggling with anxious thoughts, worrying, or even feeling irritable and out of balance? Are you dreading the holidays? Do you wish you had some practical tools to help you quiet your mind, relax your body and live the Life outta your Life?

If you’ve stumbled upon this guide and webinar, I bet this way of thinking feeling, and being has made life feel pretty negative. You’re probably not as close to friends and family as you ‘d like to be and I bet things are beginning to feel out of control. Let’s fix ALL of this!


This webinar (and workbook) were carefully curated to offer insight into dealing with and quieting your anxiety. In this free training, you will find: 

  • The 11 Keys to Muting Your Anxiety as told by Dr. Goddess Qadesh

  • A discussion on the workbook which includes exercises for each key.

  • Practical tips and strategies to curb panic attacks and anxious thoughts using alternative practices

I hope this training eases your angst and allows you to continue gracefully along your personal journey of healing. 


Join Qadesh in this experience of noticing and then muting your anxiety. You will get interactive exercises throughout this experience with a workbook included! This fun, easy-to-read guide will help you make the commitment to quiet your mind, get into your body, and live your life! 


Some of the Keys you can look forward to receiving include breathwork, bodywork, and adjusting your mindset. As with any new thing, we must commit in order to have success. Are you ready to commit to quieting your mind, getting into your body, and living the Life out of your life!?!?


Let's Go! It'll be fun!



*Webinar is pre-recorded*

Webinar: 11 Keys to Muting Your Anxiety A Live Experience

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